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The Largest and Most Active Practice Group


This Practice Group is made up of experienced lawyers from the independent affiliated law firms that comprise Canadian Litigation Counsel.

General Casualty & Special Risks

RiskCLC's largest and most active practice group is an experienced team of professionals who provide a full range of litigation and advisory services in all lines of general casualty and special risks. We regularly act for primary insurers, excess and umbrella insurers, insurance pools, liability programs, and for insurers, with substantial self-insured retentions and deductibles.

these independent lawyers and firm's have extensive experience in appearing at all levels of courts in these matters, and with the large number of lawyers involved in the group, there is always a lawyer available with the right experience to efficiently and effectively handle any form of general liability or special risk matter. In addition, CLC's 24/7 emergency call centre is available in the event of a catastrophic loss or for general legal advice at all times.

Services provided:


Complete coverage advice is provided on a broad range of liability policy wordings and endorsements, including comprehensive general liability policy wordings and special policy wordings intended to provide coverage for all forms of general casualty and special risk lines of business.

Liability Defence

CLC members have extensive experience in a broad range of general casualty and special risk claims, including the following: 

abuse liability
agricultural liability
amusement park liability
ecclesiastical exposures
elevator liability
equine/equestrian liability
exporters/importers liability
fitness club liability
food and beverage liability
garage liability
government liability
heavy equipment and machinery liability
home inspector liability
life sciences liability
liquor liability (commercial host, social host, tavern)
logging and lumberjack liability
maintenance contractor liability
malicious prosecution
media liability
occupier’s liability
park liability
patient care liability
police services liability
recreation facility/campground liability
retail sales (retailer) liability
school board liability
security guard liability
ski hill and resort liability
sports liability
trailer park liability 

Risk Management

The most efficient method of limiting liability is through effective risk management techniques and strategies. CLC's group of highly trained lawyers provide a complete range of risk management advice on methods of limiting liability exposure including:

  • establishment of appropriate protocols and procedures
  • drafting and interpreting bills of lading, lease agreements and other contractually related documentation
  • development of manuals and handbooks
  • training of employees
  • utilization of incident reports and special contractual provisions designed to restrict liability exposure
  • development of privacy legislation procedures and protocols
  • co-ordinating claims between insurer and insureds where there is a significant deductible or self-insured retention
  • advising on claims that are in excess of policy limits