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February 22 - Pipeline Predicaments: A Showdown of Environmental Liability in Alberta's Court of Appeal by David Pick & Drew Wilson of Brownlee LLP

February 19 - The Pool Floats, the Claim Sinks by Ariane Vanasse of RSS

February 14 - The Rules of Civil Procedure versus MFIPPA: What Governs Requests for Municipal Employees' Last Known Contact Information in Civil Actions in Ontario? by Arthur J. Rozumek and Arjun Raju of McCague Borlack LLP

February 13 - Beware of the Standard of Care in Recreational Sports - Case Comment: Cox v. Miller - article by Howard Borlack and Alan Meka of McCague Borlack LLP

February 6 - Apostille: A Simplified Process for International Legalisation of Documents by Adrien Tillet of RSS

January 25 - Discovering Limitations: BCCA Offers Clarity on when the Clock Starts Running by Arman Brar of Brownlee LLP

January 24 - In Pursuit of Fairness: Revised Test for Dismissal of Proceedings for Want of Prosecution by the BC Court of Appeal by Amrit Kalra of Brownlee LLP

January 22 - The defect was well hidden, but was this enough? by Rosalie Rouillard of RSS

January 18 - Battle for Redevelopment: Restrictive Covenants vs. Municipal Planning Policies by Marny Paul of Brownlee LLP

January 16 - Big Bucks for Bad Faith Benefits by Jake Honig & Sarah Holder of Brownlee LLP

January 8 - Cost Inflation in Alberta Litigation: The Grimes Multiplier by Shad Chapman & Jack Stout of Brownlee LLP

December 19 - Can’t get no relief: Court finds no coverage for late reported broker negligence claim by Michael Colwell of Brownlee LLP

December 19 - Theft is not negligence by Paula Maurin of RSS

December 15 - Back-Dating a ‘Filed’ Statement of Claim: A Cautionary Tale for Limitation Periods by Courtney Chrusch of Brownlee LLP

December 12 - Psychotherapist Costs reviewed in a SAB case: Case Study: Johnson v Aviva Insurance by Michael Kennedy and Arjun Raju of McCague Borlack LLP

December 12 - Can auto insurers require an insured to undergo medical examinations? Case Study: Joaquim v. Intact Insurance Co. by Michael Kennedy and Arjun Raju of McCague Borlack LLP

November 23 - No Secret Settlements: Failure to Disclose Results in Stay of Action by Leilani Karr of Brownlee LLP

November 21 - Navigating Past Injuries in Present Personal Injury Claims: Insights from Fedotkin v. Odobzinski. by Hassan Khan of Brownlee LLP

November 10 - Company found guilty of criminal negligence causing death of its truck driver by Dimka Markova of RSS

November 8 - The Road to Clarity for Municipal Immunity under the MGA: Pyke v. Calgary (City) by Molly Clark of Brownlee LLP

November 3 - The « appropriate care » provision in disability insurance: an application bearing heavy consequences for the insured by Rosalie Rouillard of RSS

November 1 - Teleworking”: now and forever? by Roxanne Cloutier-Peace of RSS

October 31 - Fraudulent Statements: Still a Question of Credibility by Alice Bourgault-Roy and Tomas Vazquez of RSS

October 18 - Can an insured have one’s cake and be indemnified for it too? by Nathan Hassan Omar of RSS

October 10 - Blinded by the Light: Police Found Not Liable for Roadside Collision by Drew Wilson of Brownlee LLP

September 26 - Key Insights for Insurance Adjusters: Lessons from a Property Damage Coverage Dispute by Amrit Kalra of Brownlee LLP

September 18 - Restraint of Trade Following Changes to the Competition Act by Calen Nixon & Eric Dulle at McDougall Gauley LLP

September 18 - The Flowers, the Pot and the Fire by Priscilla Simard of RSS

September 18 - Deny With Care: Insurers need solid evidence in order to prove there has been a “material change in risk" by Micael Colwell of Brownlee LLP

September 12 - A recent judgment by the Superior Court on the professional liability of insurance brokers by Patricia Baram of RSS

September 11 - Reducing Costs and Barriers to Legal Services: The Alternate Witnessing of Documents Amendment Act by Benson Buffett

September 8 - Congrats to Michael L. Kennedy of McCague Borlack LLP on the "win" for his client. Read the featured case study - When Is Travel Insurance "Excess" to Auto Insurance? ONSC Clarifies Applicability of s. 268(6) of the Insurance Act by Chanpreet Shokar

September 8 - How many insurers does it take to defend an insured? by Vikki Andrighetti of RSS

September 6 - An Overview of Recent and Upcoming Changes to the Canada Labour Code by Alyssa Phen & Calen Nixon of McDougall Gauley LLP

September 5 - Facilitating Affordable Housing Projects in Your Community - Municipal Tools, Strategies and Options to Consider by Marny Paul of Brownlee LLP

August 31 - The Inevitable Disclosure of Changes in Insurability in Life Insurance Matters by Alice Bourgault-Roy of RSS

August 31 - Navigating Time and Terrain: Limitation Defence Succeeds Because Plaintiff Knew of Hazard Before Injury Occurred - by Kara Shaw of Brownlee LLP

August 23 - When Employers have a Duty to Inquire and what it entails by Calen Nixon & Nicole Tryhorn

August 16 - Now or Never - Limitations on Late Expert Reports by Martin Smith & Angela Ribarich of McCague Borlack

August 15 - Reminder that Proportionality is Primary in a Costs Award by Neil Zimmerman of Brownlee LLP

August 3 - Unraveling the Aftermath of a Property Loss Claim - a case study by Hassan Khan of Brownlee LLP

August 3 - The Lake Overflows but the Loss Is Excluded - a case study by Mariella De Stefano of RSS

August 2 - The boat disappears: the claim sinks!  - AN UPDATE by Mathieu Boily of RSS

July 27 - Punitive Damages for Denial of Coverage? Truong et al v Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance by Vlad Kuszniryk and Jesse Stanich of Brownlee LLP

July 26 - Triable Issues & Legal Clocks: Park Place Condo Roof Dispute Examined by Duncan Taylor & Courtney Chrusch of Brownlee LLP

July 24 - To have your cake and eat it too? Incorporation does not necessarily affect employee status under the Act Respecting Labour Standards - by Roxanne Cloutier-Peace of RSS

July 19 - The Excavator Lost its Head - AIG v Mecano Mobile - article by Patrick Henry of RSS

July 13 - Just When I Thought I Was Out… | Parks v McAvoy by Drew Wilson and Sarah Rhydderch of Brownlee LLP

July 11 - The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision clarifies that credit can be given for pre-conviction driving prohibitions by Matt Schmeling & Travis Sylvestre of McDougall Lauley LLP

July 10 - Can you get a DUI on an E-Scooter? Yes. by Matt Schmeling & Travis Sylvestre of McDougall Lauley LLP

July 6 - Use of Social Media Evidence at Trial by Shad Chapman, Olivia Brassard & Julia Pratt of Brownlee LLP

June 29 - Easements and Utility Rights of Way by Lorne Randa of Brownlee LLP

June 28 - BC Court puts a pin in the analysis for an Insurer’s Duty to Defend by Amrit Klara of Brownlee LLP

June 22 - The Ticking Deadline: A Case Study on the Application of Rule 4.33 by Neil Zimmerman and Sarah Rhydderch of Brownlee LLP

June 14 - Schizophrenia, Knives, and Insurance: A Complex Coverage Scenario by Michael Thorne of Brownlee LLP

June 5 - Alberta Court Dismisses Constructive Taking Lawsuit - Municipal Law Alert by Richard Jones of Brownlee LLP

May 29 - Interpreting limitation periods in Saskatchewan - What the recent Court of Appeal decision in MFI Ag Reveals by Nicole Krupski of McDougall Gauley LLP'

May 24 - BC Court of Appeal Reins in Excessive Loss of Future Earning Capacity Award by Drew Wilson & Sarah Rhydderch of Brownlee LLP

May 9 - The Role of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission Advancing a Complaint Before the Court of King’s Bench by Calen Nixon & Alyssa 

April 26 - Headrush: Court Blames City and Diver for Headfirst Dive by Hassan Khan of Brownlee LLP

April 18 - The Court Provides Clarity on the CPN7 Apparent Vexatious Application or Proceeding (AVAP) Procedure by Kristina Persaud of Brownlee LLP

April 11 - Changes to Legislation: The Non-Profit Corporations Act, 2022 by Ronald Miller of McDougall Gauley LLP

April 10 - New Business Corporations Act Enacted March 12, 2023 by Ronald Miller of McDougall Gauley LLP

April 4 - Navigating the Murky Waters of Cyber-Attack Privilege by Duncan Taylor of Brownlee LLP

March 30 - Standard Mortage Endorsement: Is it a Shield for the Creditor? by Patrick Henry of RSS

March 21 - Court of King’s Bench Confirms Stigma Damages and Strict Interpretation of MGA Defences by Drew Wilson of Brownlee LLP

March 14 - How Low Can You Go: Court awards less than minor injury cap to plaintiff in uncontested damages trial by Andrew Bitz of Brownlee LLP

March 9 - "Durability” Stands the Test of Time in Future Income Loss Claim by Jesse Stanich by Brownlee LLP

March 9 - Where do you keep your corrosive cleaner? by Ariane Vanasse of RSS

March 8 - Beyond Four Walls: BC Court of Appeal Determines Scope of Coverage for Property Damage Occurring 'Within Your Dwelling by Amrit Kalra at Brownlee LLP