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Last Updated February 26, 2021

February 26 - Being Proactive with Environmental Claims - Case Study: Albert Bloom Limited v. London Transit Commission by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

February 16 - Winter Maintenance Contracts - Featured Case Study: Ruetz v Metro Canada by Michael Kennedy and Jennifer Ilton

February 9 - Allegations are Subject to Higher Scrutiny When Made Against Personal Defendants - Featured Case Study: Matlock v. Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Corporation by Martin Smith and Olivia Danylchuk

January 18 - Disengaging Assets subject to a CCAA Proceeding - Case Study: Teliphone Corp. v. Ernst & Young Inc. by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

January 18 - Early Inquiries are Critical to Ensuring Inclusion of Defendants - Case Study: Amanda Ali v. City of Toronto by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

January 18 - Claim for Loss of Opportunity Damages - Case Study: Akelius Canada Inc. v. 2436196 Ontario Inc by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

January 14 - Statutory Thresholds and Deductibles in reference to Tort Damages in MVAs by Van Krkachovski and Chelsea Dobrindt

January 13 - Who Pays to Produce the Medical Records? Case Study: Trumble v Soomal by Eric W.D. Boate and Jennifer Ilton

January 8 - Silence is not golden when it comes to contracts - Case Study: C.M. Callow Inc. v. Zollinger by Howard Borlack and Adam Ostermeier

January 5 - A Million Dollar Bonus after Constructive Dismissal - Case Study: Matthews V Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd by Howard Borlack and Jennifer Ilton

January 5 - Big Changes to Small Claims: How COVID-19 has affected the Small Claims by Howard Borlack & Chelsea Dobrindt

December 16 - Expert Evidence May Not Trump in Summary Judgment Cases: Case Study: Haley v Stepan by Michael Kennedy and Olivia Danylchuk

December 16 - Summary of changes to Reg. 194 under the Courts of Justice Act: Rules of Civil Procedure by Eric W.D. Boate, Ryan Smith and Jennifer Ilton

December 7 - Case study for Markham (City) v. AIG Insurance - 2 Insurance Policies, 1 Insured: Who Defends the Action, Who Pays the Costs of the Defence, and Who Controls the Defence? by Van Krkachovski and Ryan Smith was updated with the appeal decision from the Supreme Court of Canada

December 2 - Legal Liabilities and the Transmission of COVID-19: What you need to know about Bill 218 by Jessica Grant

November 24 - Enforceability of Settlements in the Context of Self-Represented Plaintiffs - Case Study: Huma v. Mississauga Hospital By Jessica Grant and Michelle Isenstein

November 18 - McCague Borlack's Adam Grant was a speaker at a web event hosted by Origin and Cause - his topic was Fraudulent Water Claims - watch recording

November 6 - Protecting Contractors is Paramount - Case Study: Urbancorp Cumberland 2 GP Inc. by Howard Borlack and Jennifer Ilton

November 6 - So you want to amend a pleading? Not so fast! Featured - Case Study: McConnell v. Fraser by Eric Boate and Olivia Danylchuk

October 21 - Bill 22: Changes to MGA Provisions Governing Regional Services Commissions By John McDonnell and Jenaye Lewis

October 21 - What’s Yours is Actually Mine? Recent Case Law Clarifies the Line Between Municipal and Private Utility Responsibility, and Best Practices by Marny Paul and Kelley Fiske-Nielsen

October 21 - Municipal Snow Removal Policies and Practices by John Gescher

October 21 - Electronic Signatures: Is Your Municipality Ready to Embrace A New Approach? by Marny Paul

October 19 - Do Ontario Insurance Laws Have Extraterritorial Effect? Revisiting Unifund v ICBC in the 2020 case of Travellers v. CAA By Michelle Isenstein

October 19 - Can LAT Award Punitive Damages? Featured Case Study by Catherine Korte, Mahroze Khan, and Ryan Taylor 

October 15 - LAT Reconsideration Request Due to Error of Law: Recent Case Study By Catherine Korte and Adam Ostermeier

October 14 - New Financial Support for Workers Relying on Government Benefits during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Martin Smith and Carly Jacuk

September 26 - Jury Questions: When to Ask for Reasons - Case Study: Cheung v. Samra by Michael Kennedy and Sydney McMahon

September 26 - The Court exercises its "Fact Finding Powers" - Case Study: Carmichael v. GSK Inc. By Howard Borlack and Ashna Gakhar

September 18 - In the Wake of Waksdale: A Recent Decision with Serious Consequences for Ontario Employers by Martin Smith and Carly Jacuk

September 15 - Striking jury notices during the COVID-19 Pandemic: When is it more likely to happen? by Alan Drimer and Ryan Taylor

September 1 - Priority dispute determined by financial dependency: Featured Case Study for Eric Boate: TD Insurance and Intact Insurance by Howard Borlack

August 11 - Ontario Courts updating online infrastructures to accommodate COVID-19 needs for safety by Howard Borlack and Conner Sipa

August 10 - Updates around Civil Matters in the Superior Court of Justice in the Central East Region by Howard Borlack and Paul Jacoby

July3 - Corrosion Exclusion II - Resulting Physical Damage - An exception to the exclusion in case: MDS Inc. v Factory Mutual Insurance by Hillel David of McCague Borlack LLP

June 24 - Corrosion exclusion denied due to ambiguity; This author disagrees with the determination in case: MDS v Factory Mutual by Hillel David of McCague Borlack LLP

June 9 - Can a condominium corporation seek recovery of subrogated interests from a unit owner? by Martin Smith and Marla Kuperhause of McCague Borlack LLP

May 31 - A Plea for Simple Pleadings by Chris Macaulay and Brittany Rizzo of McCague Borlack

May 22 - Factors to consider during the tendering process - Case Study: Aquatech Canadian Water Services v Alberta by Howard Borlack 

May 21 - "It's 2020": Bringing the Courts in Line with the Times During COVID-19 - Case Study: Arconti v. Smith by Van Krkachovski 

May 21 - Insurance Policies, 1 Insured: Who Defends the Action, Who Pays the Costs of the Defence, and Who Controls the Defence? Case Study: Markham (City) v. AIG by Van Krkachovski 

May 15 - Licensed Cannabis Growers Are Not Out of the Weeds: Disclosing Marijuana Grow Ops to an Insurer by Sara Shuchat

May 11 - Is it okay for jurors to engage in internet research during deliberations? Case Study: Patterson v Peladeau by Jennifer E. Kelly 

May 11 - The Doctrine of Discoverability and Accident Benefits Claims: Special Considerations following Tomec and Pafco by Jennifer E. Kelly and Carly Jacuk

May 7 - We're getting close! Reopening for business amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by Martin Smith by McCague Borlack LLP

April 29 - COVID-19: Business interruption – Tangible property and loss of use in the Ontario Courts - by Peter Yaniszewski of McCague Borlack LLP

April 21 - Directors' and Officers' Liability in the Age of COVID-19 

April 16 - Expansion of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit  by Martin Smith of McCague Borlack LLP

April 15 - COVID-19 and Force Majeure: Navigating Exceptional Times as a Business by Sharon G. Druker, Geneviève Goulet, Sara Laraichi, Elyssa Leiberman and Sydney Warshaw of Robinson Sheppard Shapiro LLP

April 15 - COVID-19: Taking stock of urgent motions By Ashley Faust and Egi Troka of McCague

April 15 - Double Recovery and the Right of Subrogation: A Case Summary of Cowley v Skyjack Inc. by Alessia D'Aversa at Whitelaw Twining

April 15 - COVID-19 and Unfulfilled Transportation Contracts: Will Force Majeure Clauses Come To The Rescue? by Melissa Santalucia and Benjamin Meadow at Whitelaw Twining

April 14 - COVID-19: Business interruption – Are you covered?  By Peter Yaniszewski of McCague Borlack LLP

April 9 - Impact of COVID-19: Sports, Entertainment (and Insurance?!?) by Marc-Olivier Brouillette of Robinson Sheppard Shapiro LLP

April 8 - Civil Claims Online Portal: Filing Non Urgent Documents Online - by Martin Smith of McCague Borlack LLP

April 7 - Impacts on the Performance of Agreements Due to COVID-19: A Focus on Development Agreements by Jeneane Grundberg and Nicole Maynard of Brownlee LLP   

April 6 - MGA Defences Override Alleged Breaches of the OLA by Nabeel Peermohamed of Brownlee LLP

April 6 - Can I Go To the Judge? No, Not Right Now…Unless It’s Urgent or an Emergency by Arran Ferguson of McDougall Gauley LLP

April 6 - Anticipating Business Interruption Coverage Issues Arising From COVID-19 by Aaron Peterkin of Brownlee LLP

April 3 - COVID-19 and Amazon: You Are Fired! — Health and Safety in the Workplace vs The Right of Association by Eliab Taïrou and Marianne Poliquin of Robinson Sheppard Shapiro LLP

April 3 - Canada's Emergency Wage Subsidy in Response to COVID-19 - by Martin Smith at McCague Borlack

April 1 - Court Services Offered During COVID-19 Restrictions