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Last Updated December 2, 2020

November 24 - Enforceability of Settlements in the Context of Self-Represented Plaintiffs - Case Study: Huma v. Mississauga Hospital By Jessica Grant and Michelle Isenstein

November 6 - Protecting Contractors is Paramount - Case Study: Urbancorp Cumberland 2 GP Inc. by Howard Borlack and Jennifer Ilton

November 6 - So you want to amend a pleading? Not so fast! Featured - Case Study: McConnell v. Fraser by Eric Boate and Olivia Danylchuk

October 21 - Bill 22: Changes to MGA Provisions Governing Regional Services Commissions By John McDonnell and Jenaye Lewis

October 21 - What’s Yours is Actually Mine? Recent Case Law Clarifies the Line Between Municipal and Private Utility Responsibility, and Best Practices by Marny Paul and Kelley Fiske-Nielsen

October 21 - Municipal Snow Removal Policies and Practices by John Gescher

October 21 - Electronic Signatures: Is Your Municipality Ready to Embrace A New Approach? by Marny Paul

October 19 - Do Ontario Insurance Laws Have Extraterritorial Effect? Revisiting Unifund v ICBC in the 2020 case of Travellers v. CAA By Michelle Isenstein

October 19 - Can LAT Award Punitive Damages? Featured Case Study by Catherine Korte, Mahroze Khan, and Ryan Taylor 

October 15 - LAT Reconsideration Request Due to Error of Law: Recent Case Study By Catherine Korte and Adam Ostermeier

October 14 - New Financial Support for Workers Relying on Government Benefits during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Martin Smith and Carly Jacuk

September 26 - Jury Questions: When to Ask for Reasons - Case Study: Cheung v. Samra by Michael Kennedy and Sydney McMahon

September 26 - The Court exercises its "Fact Finding Powers" - Case Study: Carmichael v. GSK Inc. By Howard Borlack and Ashna Gakhar

September 18 - In the Wake of Waksdale: A Recent Decision with Serious Consequences for Ontario Employers by Martin Smith and Carly Jacuk

September 15 - Striking jury notices during the COVID-19 Pandemic: When is it more likely to happen? by Alan Drimer and Ryan Taylor

September 1 - Priority dispute determined by financial dependency: Featured Case Study for Eric Boate: TD Insurance and Intact Insurance by Howard Borlack

August 11 - Ontario Courts updating online infrastructures to accommodate COVID-19 needs for safety by Howard Borlack and Conner Sipa

August 10 - Updates around Civil Matters in the Superior Court of Justice in the Central East Region by Howard Borlack and Paul Jacoby

July3 - Corrosion Exclusion II - Resulting Physical Damage - An exception to the exclusion in case: MDS Inc. v Factory Mutual Insurance by Hillel David of McCague Borlack LLP

June 24 - Corrosion exclusion denied due to ambiguity; This author disagrees with the determination in case: MDS v Factory Mutual by Hillel David of McCague Borlack LLP

June 9 - Can a condominium corporation seek recovery of subrogated interests from a unit owner? by Martin Smith and Marla Kuperhause of McCague Borlack LLP

May 31 - A Plea for Simple Pleadings by Chris Macaulay and Brittany Rizzo of McCague Borlack

May 22 - Factors to consider during the tendering process - Case Study: Aquatech Canadian Water Services v Alberta by Howard Borlack 

May 21 - "It's 2020": Bringing the Courts in Line with the Times During COVID-19 - Case Study: Arconti v. Smith by Van Krkachovski 

May 21 - Insurance Policies, 1 Insured: Who Defends the Action, Who Pays the Costs of the Defence, and Who Controls the Defence? Case Study: Markham (City) v. AIG by Van Krkachovski 

May 15 - Licensed Cannabis Growers Are Not Out of the Weeds: Disclosing Marijuana Grow Ops to an Insurer by Sara Shuchat

May 11 - Is it okay for jurors to engage in internet research during deliberations? Case Study: Patterson v Peladeau by Jennifer E. Kelly 

May 11 - The Doctrine of Discoverability and Accident Benefits Claims: Special Considerations following Tomec and Pafco by Jennifer E. Kelly and Carly Jacuk

May 7 - We're getting close! Reopening for business amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by Martin Smith by McCague Borlack LLP

April 29 - COVID-19: Business interruption – Tangible property and loss of use in the Ontario Courts - by Peter Yaniszewski and Lena Vartanian of McCague Borlack LLP

April 21 - Directors' and Officers' Liability in the Age of COVID-19 

April 16 - Expansion of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit  by Martin Smith of McCague Borlack LLP

April 15 - COVID-19 and Force Majeure: Navigating Exceptional Times as a Business by Sharon G. Druker, Geneviève Goulet, Sara Laraichi, Elyssa Leiberman and Sydney Warshaw of Robinson Sheppard Shapiro LLP

April 15 - COVID-19: Taking stock of urgent motions By Ashley Faust and Egi Troka of McCague

April 15 - Double Recovery and the Right of Subrogation: A Case Summary of Cowley v Skyjack Inc. by Alessia D'Aversa at Whitelaw Twining

April 15 - COVID-19 and Unfulfilled Transportation Contracts: Will Force Majeure Clauses Come To The Rescue? by Melissa Santalucia and Benjamin Meadow at Whitelaw Twining

April 14 - COVID-19: Business interruption – Are you covered?  By Peter Yaniszewski and Lena Vartanian of McCague Borlack LLP

April 9 - Impact of COVID-19: Sports, Entertainment (and Insurance?!?) by Marc-Olivier Brouillette of Robinson Sheppard Shapiro LLP

April 8 - Civil Claims Online Portal: Filing Non Urgent Documents Online - by Martin Smith of McCague Borlack LLP

April 7 - Impacts on the Performance of Agreements Due to COVID-19: A Focus on Development Agreements by Jeneane Grundberg and Nicole Maynard of Brownlee LLP   

April 6 - MGA Defences Override Alleged Breaches of the OLA by Nabeel Peermohamed of Brownlee LLP

April 6 - Can I Go To the Judge? No, Not Right Now…Unless It’s Urgent or an Emergency by Arran Ferguson of McDougall Gauley LLP

April 6 - Anticipating Business Interruption Coverage Issues Arising From COVID-19 by Aaron Peterkin of Brownlee LLP

April 3 - COVID-19 and Amazon: You Are Fired! — Health and Safety in the Workplace vs The Right of Association by Eliab Taïrou and Marianne Poliquin of Robinson Sheppard Shapiro LLP

April 3 - Canada's Emergency Wage Subsidy in Response to COVID-19 - by Martin Smith at McCague Borlack

April 1 - Court Services Offered During COVID-19 Restrictions  

March 26 - Force Majeure – what exactly does that mean? by John Fiddick, Jeremy Ellergodt & Nicole Change at Whitelaw Twining

March 26 - Can Policyholders Access Their Business Interruption Coverage in Response to COVID-19? by John Vamplew & Justine Forsythe at Whitelaw Twining

March 26 - Canada's Economic Response Plan in Response to COVID-19 - by Martin Smith of McCague Borlack LLP

March 25 - Smoked Out: Crossing US Ports of Entry in the Era of Legalized Recreational Cannabis in Canada by Angelika Erickson at Whitelaw Twining

March 25 - Summary of Emergency Measures for Homeowners - by Jeff Norwig & Clayton Barry at McDougall Gauley

March 12 - Can a pseudonym screen name protect you from a lawsuit?: Case Study: Theralase Technologies Inc. v Lanter By Van Krkachovski 

March 12 - Can a claim be denied due to criminal history from 20 years ago?: Case Study: Mohammed v The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company By Van Krkachovski 

March 12 - Long fight ends in judgement to Plaintiff includes interest plus costs: Featured Case Study: Infinity Construction Inc. v. Skyline Executive Acquisitions by Van Krkachovski 

March 5 - Right-of-Way: When Civil Liability and Well-Meaning Signals for Drivers to Proceed Collide by Duncan Taylor of Brownlee Law

February 14  - Analyzing Use or Operation of a Vehicle - Case Comment: Hunt v Peel Mutual Insurance by Howard Borlack & Brittany Rizzo of McCague Borlack LLP

February 7 - Cannibis Edibles: Not the same cannabis high you are looking for by Angelika Erickson of Whitelaw Twining

January 30 - Beware of Presumption of Management or Control of a Director - Case Comment: Alizadeh v Ontario by Howard Borlack

January 23 - The Five "C"s of Trip and Fall Liability by Nabeel Peermohamed - Brownlee LLP

January 13 - A Duty of Good Faith is Foundational: Case Study: Demetriou v. AIG By Van Krkachovski, Theresa Hartley

January 13 - Location of Loss: Case Study: Benson v. Belair Insurance By Van Krkachovski, Theresa Hartley

January 13 - A power outage may not qualify for damage on premise: Case Study: La Rose Bakery 2000 Inc. v. Intact By Van Krkachovski, Theresa Hartley