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Last Updated October 1, 2019

October 1 - Do priority provisions in s. 268 of the Ontario Insurance Act apply to an out-of-province insurer for an accident that took place in Ontario: Case Study: Coseco v. Liberty, 2019 ONSC 4918

September 30 - If you take the wheel, you take control: Case Study: McKay v. Park, 2019 ONCA 659

September 27 - Who is an insured person? Case Study: Hunt v. Peel Mutual Insurance Company, 2019 ONCA 656

September 3 - Cheech and Chong Get into a Car Accident: Case Commentary: F. F. and Aviva Insurance Canada

August 30 - MB is pleased to announce the opening of their 5th office!  Read our regional strategy...

August 23 - A Landlord's duty to maintain a residential property

August 15 - Procedural Differences Between Civil Actions in British Columbia and Ontario

August 15 - What To Consider When Choosing An Expert: Maxrelco Inc. V. Lumipro Inc

August 15 - Landlord Liability Regarding Maintenance Standard Duty of Care

August 15 - So You've Released a Defendant Municipality: Can you Still Have a Jury Trial?

August 15 - The New (and Improved?) Rule 76 Simplified Procedure

June 25 - AB from Sea to Sea: A Look at Accident Benefits across Canada 

June 12 - Amendments To The CBCA Effective June 13, 2019

June 5 - Acting for the Applicants, Howard Borlack, Partner at McCague Borlack LLP had a favourable decision from the Ontario Divisional Court  - Read featured case study - My House Burned Down, Now I Can Buy Two

May 31 - Jurisdiction of the Residential Tenancy Branch clarified in Janus v. The Central Park Citizen Society, 2019 BCCA 1773 

May 16 - Car Surfing Is An Ordinary And Well-Known Activity 

May 13 - Alberta Court Of Appeal Comments On The Test For Setting Aside A Default Judgment 

May 1 - Just When You Thought It Could Not Get Any Harder: Changes Could Be Coming to Proceedings Against the Crown  

April 24 - Cyber risks to your organization and its consequences: New reporting standards from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada 

April 12 - Navigating Subrogation in Canada: A Look at Subrogation Rights for Out-of-Province Insurers Arising from Motor Vehicle Accidents -

April 11 - Alberta Court of Appeal Articulates New Test for Imposing Limits on Medical Examinations 

April 10 - Throwing eggs from a car is an ordinary and well-known activity 

April 8 - Egg on your face - you may have a claim: Case Comment: Gilbrairth v. Intact Insurance 

March 21 - Is anyone ensuring that your Mink Lashes are cruelty-free? An Overview of the Regulation of Fur Farming in Canada  

March 16 - The Harmonie Group announced a new practice area directory for Business and Commercial Litigation legal needs. View the directory at

March 8 - Jam Session Gone Wrong: How an Office Party Created a Coverage Debacle - Case Study: RSA v. Intact 

February 28 - Taking A Dip Into Public Pool Liability: Municipal and Resort Related Liability 

February 28 - Getting "Ahead" of the Changes Rowan's Law and the Potential Impact on Insureds 

February 15 - Unpacking the Crate: A Carrier's Tools for Collecting Unpaid Freight Charges 

February 14 - Indemnification and the Duty to Defend in Commercial Agreements: Alberta Court of Appeal Case Study: Kostic 

February 14 - An Earthquake in the World of Personal Injury: Supreme Court of Canada Case Study: McIver v McIntyre 

February 5 - Home Sweet Home: What Constitutes "Living in the Same Household" in a Home Insurance Policy 

February 5 - Some Diamonds are Not Forever: The Insurance Case of the $580,000 Stolen Ring 

February 1 - CLC & McCague Borlack's Christmas in January Party was a great success - See Photos 

January 28 - Constructively Dismissed? You May Have To Go Work for Your Old Boss

January 18 - Photos from CLC Conference in San Diego

January 18 - Photos from CLC / Harmonie Group Meeting in San Diego

January 17 - Summary Judgment Motions in MVA Cases: A Viable Option for Defendants

January 17 - Court of Appeal Clarifies Approach to Overlapping Insurance Coverage: Case Study: TD v. Intact 

January 7 - Featured Case: Sankreacha v. Cameron J. and Beach Sales Ltd.

January 4 - When Can a Lawyer's Representations Repudiate a Binding Settlement Agreement? 

January 4 - Uber Class Action Gets Green Light, Proceeds to Certification 

January 3 - Rebutting the Breathalyzer Presumptions: Moving Beyond the Theoretical, Towards Concrete Evidence 

December 20 - Tick Tock, Watch Your Clock: Estate Trustees are not Litigation Guardians under s.7 of the Limitations Act 

December 13 - It's Not Complicated (Anymore) - Court of Appeal Explains the Relationship between SABS and Tort Damage Awards 

December 8 - "Bucking" the Legal Lacuna - The Humboldt Bronco's Record-Setting GoFundMe Campaign and Saskatchewan's Informal Public Appeals Act 

December 4 - CLC West Seminar was a great success and may become an annual event!  See Photos

November 27 - A Battle of Offers - Case Study: Hashemi-Sabet Estate v. Oak Ridges Pharmasave Inc. ("Hashemi-Sabet") 

November 16 - A Cautionary Tale for Employers: A Case Study - Hampton Securities Ltd. v. Dean