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Last Updated April 18, 2018

April 18 - Couple Caught in Bidding War Frenzy Reneges on Purchase of Dream Home, Liable for Damages by David Elmaleh and Gabriela Caracas

April 15 - Location Matters: Superior Court Rescinds a $95,000 Contract for Toronto Maple Leafs' Season Tickets By David Elmaleh and Mark Borgo

April 12 - "Waive" Goodbye to the Consumer Protection Act for those who are both Occupiers & Suppliers - Featured Case of James Tomlinson and Garett Harper and written by David Olevson and Mark Borgo

April 10 - The Production of Cell Phone Records in the Age of Distracted Driving - Expanding the Limits of Disclosure - by Eric Boate & Danielle Ralph

April 10 - Occupier's Liability: A Board Meeting Gone Wrong - Case Comment: Omotayo v Da Costa et al. by David Elmaleh and Gabriela Caracas

March 27 - Freedom of Expression in the 'Trump Era' Is a "Trump is right. F**k China. F**k Mexico" Sign Protected Speech? by David Elmaleh and Gabriela Caracas

March 26 - Improper Policy Cancellation Leads to "Risky Business" Case Comment: Minister of Finance v AXA Insurance by Howard Borlack and Michelle Legault

March 23 - Case Management: Be Zealous But Be Reasonable by Aryeh Samuel

March 22 - Autonomous Vehicles vs. Pedestrians: Who is at fault? by Peter W. Vlaar and Van Krkachovski

March 21 - Cloudy with a Chance of Money: Overcoming Obstacles in Subrogated Claims By Marie-Pier Couturier, Irina Sfranciog and Taskeen Abdul-Rawoof

March 21 - Duty to Mitigation by Eric W.D. Boate

March 21 - Immunities and Exploits: Considerations for Subrogation as against Municipal or Regional Governments by Adam Grant

March 12 - Face the Music: Once Requested, A Mediation Must be Scheduled Forthwith by David Elmaleh and Alexander Steffen 

March 7 - Legislature Passes Concussion Safety Legislation with Bill 193:Rowan's Law (Concussion Safety), 2018 by Jim Tomlinson & Michelle Legault

March 2 - The Fast & the Furious: Hard Drugs, Fast Cars & Untimely Death: Case Study: Isaac Estate v Matuszynska by David Elmaleh & Gabriela Caracas

February 16 - Legal Themes utilized for Medical Liability by Catherine Korte and Bogdan Miscevic

February 16 - Latency of Claims for Allied Healthcare Providers by Anthony Gatensby

February 16 - Collaborative Care and Vicarious Liability by David J. Olevson and Emily Kostandoff

February 14 - Do Excluded Drivers have access to AB Coverage? See Court of Appeal Ruling by Domenic D. Nicassio

February 13 - Emerging Trends in Personal Injury Damage Awards - by Van Krkachovski and Emily Kostandoff

February 12 - Selected Canadian Liability & Damages Issues - by Dr. Brian Murphy

February 8 - Cargo Storage: A Minefield of Regulation by Alexander Steffen

January 29 - When is income 'earned' and therefore deductible? by Domenic D. Nicassio

January 19 - What will cause an automobile tort claim to flop? Case Comment: Nadarajah v. Aviva Canada by Domenic D. Nicassio

January 9 - Insurer's Duty of Good Faith will not be expanded by Supreme Court - Case Comment: Usanovic v. Penncorp by Domenic Nicassio

December 21 - Court Orders Up to $600,000 Advance Payment in Advance of Personal Injury Med-Mal Trial - by David Elmaleh and Danielle Ralph

December 20 - The Personal Injury Bar's Worst Fear: Not Enough Evidence to Put Question to a Jury - By David Elmaleh and Alexander Steffen

December 20 - Teenagers will be Teenagers: Did a Mother Give (Implied) Consent for Her Son to Possess and Operate Her Car? by David Elmaleh and Mark Borgo

December 19 - HPARB Rules on Kinesiologists and FAE Reports - Featured Case: C.M. & P.M. by Howard Borlack and Michelle Legault

December 18 - Show me the Money? Only if you can show me the hazard! - By Frank Delgiudice and Melissa Parravano

November 20 - A Chiropractic Malpractice Case: Featured Case: French v Stachejczuk - By Alexander Steffen

November 13 - Alcohol, Snowmobiling, Breaching a Probation Order and Insurance Coverage by David Elmaleh and Gabriela Caracas

November 10 - "Falling Back" to More Pedestrian and Cyclist Motor Vehicle Accidents by Michael Blinick and Michelle Legault

November 2 - The IPC clarifies when insurers may and may not collect Health Card numbers by Karen Bernofsky

November 2 - The Supreme Court of Canada keeps the onus on banks over innocent drawers for fraudulent bills of exchange by Karen Bernofsky

October 26 - Is This The End of Civil Jury Trials in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases? by Annette Uetrecht-Bain and Danielle Ralph

October 16 - The Future of Litigation and Autonomous Vehicles by Peter W. Vlaar

October 16 - Liability Exposure for Uber Drivers after a Fare is Dropped off By Jim Tomlinson, Shayan Kamalie, and Melissa Parravano

October 16 - New Accident Benefits Article The Sharing Revolution – Accident Benefits Coverage For Uber Drivers & Passengers by Bogdan Miscevic

September 20 - New AB article LAT Broadens the Definition of Accident as per SABS By Bogdan Miscevic and Jessica Margeit

September 20 - New Defamation Article Four Million Dollar Price Tag to Fix an Actress's Reputational Damage by David Elmaleh, Aryeh Samuel and Gabriela Caracas

September 18 - Added THG & CLC Conference pics to the web - see Photos

September 18 - Marijuana Legalization: Ontario Weighs In by Michael Blinick

September 18 - No Playing Around: Tort Liability and School Yard Injuries by Michael Blinick and Michelle Legault

September 14 - CLC Executive Golf pictures have been posted to albums page!  

August 24 - SCC Lowers Standard for Proving Mental Injuries by Nabeel Peermohamed, BrownLee LLP

August 21 - Claim Struck and Action Dismissed: Integrity of the Judicial Process Upheld by David Pick and Kristina Roberts

August 11 - No Video For You: The Court Clarifies Who May View A Video Recording Of An IME by Nabeel Peermohamed.

August 10 - Tug-of-War Gone Wrong: Who is Liable when Participant's Arm is Amputated by David Elmaleh and Yousef Elsohemy.

August 10 - Auditor Held Liable in Negligence for Non-Clients' Losses - Case Comment: Lavender v. Miller Bernstein by Howard Borlack and Émilie-Anne Puckering

August 4 - One small step for summary judgements, one giant leap for efficiency by Howard Borlack and Karen Bernofsky

August 1 - Medical records: Personal Privacy in Conflict with the Rule of Law By Howard Borlack and Lee Chitty

August 1 - Legalizing Marijuana: Potential Impact on Social Hosts By Michael Blinick and Sean Valentine

August 1 - Court of Appeal Declines Remedies against Person Harassing Mayor, Township By David Elmaleh and Priya Chopra

July 26 - The Oppression Remedy: Greater Risk of Personal Liability for Directors and Officers by Irina Sfranciog and Andrew Valela

July 15 - Your Reservation has changed... Airbnb Regulation in Toronto and Insurance Coverage Issues by Matt Dugas

July 10 - Everything You Need to Know About Trial Insurance: Security Against Bad Outcomes at Trial For Sale! by Irina Sfranciog and Karolina R. Iron

July 10 - A Lawyer's Guide to Discoveries and Timing of IMEs By Annette Uetrecht-Bain and Priya Chopra

July 10 - Insurers Beware: Recent Developments in the Duty to Defend and Indemnify by Alan Drimer and Priya Chopra

July 10 - Making Use of Unusual Torts in Subrogation by Adam Grant and Lee Chitty

July 10 - Subrogation: Recommendations for Early Investigation by Adam Grant and Miranda Serravalle

July 10 - A summary of threshold decisions from 2016 and 2017: Which got through and which got bounced by Michael Kennedy and Lee Chitty

July 10 - Automobile Insurance Fraud: Prevalence, Prevention, and Response by David Elmaleh and Karolina R. Iron

July 10 - A Divided Court on Deductible and Prejudgment Interest in Motor Vehicle Accident Claims By Daniel Côté-Finch and Lee Chitty

July 05 - The Effect of "After The Event" Insurance on the Litigation Process by Howard Borlack and Ben Carino

June 22 - Take control of public space and liability may follow - Case Comment - MacKay v Starbucks' By Eric Turkienicz and Priya Chopra

June 22 - Proposed changes to Ontario's Construction Lien Act by Eric Turkienicz

June 13 - Defamation in the Internet Age: The Law and Social Media by Sean Valentine

June 9 - Today was MB / CLC Golf Day (19th Annual) - The Club at Bond Head, Bond Head, ON - watch this space for pics.

June 8 - What's in a Name? Upcoming Changes to the Definition of a Motor Vehicle: Road-Building Machines by David Olevson & Karolina R. Iron.

June 8 - Taxi Company Not Vicariously Liable When Employee Sexually Assaults Client by David Elmaleh and Émilie-Anne Puckering

June 7 - Recovery for Mental Injuries: Dispensing with the Requirement of Expert Evidence By Michael Blinick and Andrew Valela

May 25 - ABCA Outlines Test for Long Delay under Rule 4.31 by Nabeel Peermohamed

May 24 - Tim Guernsey Roast! See Pics

May 24 - The timing of mandatory mediations in Toronto has changed by Miranda Serravalle

May 16 - Retroactivity, Retrospectivity & Immediate Applicability: Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund and Barnes by Bogdan Miscevic

May 15 - The United Airlines debacle in the context of Canadian tort law - by Ben Carino

May 10 - New Sports, Recreation and Resort Liability Article: A crack in the armour? Waivers and the use of the Consumer Protection Act by Tomlinson & Harper.

May 9 - Missed our seminar?  Get Handouts for Anticipated Challenges Associated with the Legalization of Marijuana - guest speaker Michael Corbett (Forensic Toxicologist) - and others...